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Should We Buy a House Together?

More and more couples, both mixed and same sex, are electing to live together without getting married, and often this includes purchasing a home together. Many couples decide they can afford a second home or vacation property if they purchase it with another couple. This is a major decision with potential serious consequences if and […]

It May Be Time To Buy a Home!

Buying a home has earned a bad name in recent years. But the great American dream of owning a home is on the comeback. In many parts of the country, rents are rising while housing prices are falling, making buying a home more affordable. If you’re struggling with whether to buy versus rent, consider these […]

Spring Cleanup For Your Apps!

It’s time for spring cleaning again. And spring cleaning isn’t just limited to things around the house!  Whether you realize it or not, dozens — if not hundreds — of apps and services have access to your social accounts and can see everything you’re doing online. Tweets, Likes, your location, are all there for the […]