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Electronic and Digital Signatures

You’ve seen it and probably done it – you sign with a special pen or even with your finger on a screen or someone’s smart phone! E-signatures have become widespread in both the private and public sectors, and have been recognized as a legal concept in federal law since 2000. In it’s MOST simplistic and […]

The Best Places to Buy a Second Home

Are you dreaming about owning a second home? Our friends at Zillow have analyzed the markets for you. They began by identifying vacation cities near popular destinations, then ranked them according to investment and rental income potential. The score results ranged from 1.0 to 100.0. Near the top of the survey for the best places […]

Are You Ready to Buy Your First Home?

If you are preparing to become a homeowner, think about doing the following: Establish or maintain three credit card/installment accounts with small limits never using more than 20% of the available balance. Alternative credit (rent, utilities, cell phones) may work, depending on the loan, too. A 24-month history is ideal. If you already have more […]

If You Are Paying PMI Insurance, Is It Time to Refinance?

Over the past few years, homeowners have enjoyed deducting private mortgage insurance (pmi insurance) premiums from their income tax. This is also true for government forms of mortgage insurance (aka funding fee or guarantee fee) with FHA, VA and USDA mortgage loans. Effective for 2014 tax returns, this benefit is coming to an end. If […]

Document your Downpayment and Closing Costs

Whenever you are getting a mortgage to buy a home, your lender is going to need to know where your funds that will be used for the down payment and closing costs are coming from. And in most cases, they will want the funds to be “seasoned,” that is they will require statements showing the […]