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Mortgage Rate Projections


Improve Credit Score with These Home Finance Tips

          Your credit score affects how much you’ll pay for a mortgage or refinance—or even if you can get one at all. Master the six ways to manage home-related spending to keep your credit score braggingly high. 1. Postpone that refinance until your credit is squeaky clean. 2. Pay your mortgage—now. […]

Six Steps That Help Prepare Your Home For The Winter

Snow on Driveway leading to home Your home needs a bit of attention to properly withstand the effects of cold weather through the fall and winter months. By performing the following maintenance tasks, you’ll protect your home from damage and enjoy improved energy efficiency from your heating system. Here’s a checklist of items to get […]

Thinking about buying a home?


Amazing Neighborhoods in Palm Desert

1. Chaparral Country Club – Out of many country clubs in Palm Desert, this is the only one known as “The Best Kept Secret in the Valley.”  Chaparral Country Club has a central location just north of the heart of Palm Desert, within walking distance of the James Earl Carter Elementary School and close to other levels […]

End of Fed bond buying may nudge mortgage rates

                      According to USA Today, the Federal Reserve this week is expected to remove one of the two crutches supporting the economy since the 2008 financial crisis, ending bond purchases that have held down long-term interest rates. The anticipated decision to halt so-called quantitative easing […]