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3 Ways to Buy and Sell a Home at the Same Time

        Sell first, then buy This scenario is the most common because it’s the most financially feasible. You start this process by selling your home, then getting pre-approved for your new home so you know how much you can afford. Your lender’s affordability analysis will first look at your available cash for down […]

Good News:Credit-reporting companies agree to major changes.

          The changes are designed to address widespread concerns about incorrect information compiled by Equifax Inc., Experian Information Solutions Inc. and TransUnion, which produce credit reports for about 200 million Americans. A 2013 study by the Federal Trade Commission found that about one in 20 consumers had significant errors on their credit […]

Get to know Coachella Valley

What makes Coachella Valley such a great place to live? Well, scenery of course! Coachella Valley boasts more hiking trails than any other area of the lower 48. Here are five amazing desert hikes. 1. The “Big Split Rock” Slot Canyon Walkabout (Mecca Hills) 2. Lost Palms Oasis Trail at Cottonwood Spring (Joshua Tree National […]

Where You Work Should Help You Decide Where To Buy

If you’re entering into the real estate market for the first time, you’ll hear the old adage: location, location, location. That’s three of the key factors…According to the author location is indeed, a very important concern. Cities with good mass transit are attracting buyers and providing options that help avoid putting extra unwanted miles on […]