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The Difference Your Interest Rate Makes


What Makes a Great Loan Officer?

Before working with any mortgage company you should of course verify licensing and NMLS registration. But once you’ve gotten the technical qualifications covered, what else should you be looking for to find the best mortgage professionals? Focus – Answering questions and concerns, dealing with the task at hand. Goal-oriented. Unwavering resolve. Expertise – Overall experience. […]

Real Estate Tip: Buy a house right outside of the hip new neighborhood.

          Another tactic is to look at neighborhoods that have recently been gentrified, with lots of restaurants, cafes, and parks. Then, don’t buy a house there — those houses have already appreciated, and may be out of your price range anyway. Instead, buy a house in the next neighborhood over. This […]

Real Estate Agent Facts


For a faster mortgage application do these steps

                  1. Don’t maintain high credit card balances 2. Do a little research 3. Get your down payment in order 4. Prove you have a consistent income 5. Become a document expert It may seem like a lot, but getting all of your financial ducks in a […]

Choosing a Neighborhood

              When you’re ready to buy your first home, you’ll probably remember those three important words we always hear about real estate: location, location, location. While the geographic location is important, it’s also the amenities around the location that make a house a home. Every buyer is different in what […]