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Does your mortgage pre-approval hold water?

According to USA Today article: Here’s what a traditional pre-approval includes: ■ You’ve submitted an application with a lender. ■ You’ve authorized the lender to pull your credit report. ■ You’ve provided all requested supporting documentation. ■ Lender has specifically reviewed all supporting documentation, including your tax returns and every piece of financial documentation. ■ Lender […]

The time is now to evaluate the rent vs buy scenario or invest in a rental property.

According to industry reports, the rental market set new records in June as the national annual effective rent growth rate reached 5.1%, a 47-month high for the national apartment market and continued a streak of 5.0%-plus rent growth that is the longest in at least six years, according to Axiometrics,. Though effective rent growth was […]

Renters Spent a Record-High Share of Income on Rent This Spring

According to the Wall Street Journal, The rental squeeze is getting worse, according to a new report by Zillow, as people are paying the highest-ever percentage of their income on rent. Renters can expect to pay 30.2% of their income on rent, according to a Zillow analysis of rental and mortgage affordability in the second […]

Real estate tops poll for best long-term investment

                    America’s love affair with real estate is reheating. A poll of 1,000 U.S. adults this month by found real estate as the top place for long-term investment dollars. Real estate drew 27 percent of those polled in this monthly survey designed to get a […]

Everything You Need to Know About Jumbo Mortgages

    According to Jumbo mortgages are more flexible than many home buyers realize, and typically have lower rates than most other available mortgages today. The guide below will help you understand what a jumbo loan is, and whether it’s right for your financial situation. Origin of the term “jumbo mortgage” Jumbo mortgages are […]

Reasons why to Save Home Maintenance Records

According to Trulia, it’s the moment of truth: You just had your furnace tuned up, with a fancy new filter that leaves dust mites equal parts frustrated and terrified. Carl, your new favorite furnace tech, pulls off a carbon copy of your work order (in a flattering pink shade) and hands it to you. You […]

5 reasons to refinance your mortgage

          According to an article written by Holly Johnson, the time is now to refinance. 5 reasons you may want to refinance Refinance to shorten the term of your loan. If you have a 30-year mortgage, now may be a great time to consider refinancing. With record low interest rates, you […]