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4 Reasons to Get Happy About Housing

Real estate’s outlook should put you in a good mood. National Mortgage News recently highlighted the following four reasons why the housing market will likely strengthen over the next several years: 1. Low interest rates. The Federal Reserve recently hinted that it may delay future rate hikes. This could help keep mortgage rates low. The 30-year […]

A Look Behind The Curtain: How To Choose A Mortgage Lender

                  Forbes article on how to choose the right lender. Step (1) work with Millennium Mortgage.   Author shares some more secrets: Here is where I share an industry secret, are you ready?  Mortgage people are salespeople.  First and foremost, the primary goal of a mortgage originator/loan officer […]

Beyond credit scores: factors that affect a loan application

U.S. News Report: When it comes to good finances, credit scores get a lot of press. Based on a formula incorporating loan and repayment history, credit scores are often touted as the reason someone gets approved for a credit card, auto loan or mortgage – or denied one. However, some financial experts say the role […]

Homeowners: 4 tax deductions to maximize your IRS refund

It’s tax season again. While you might not be jumping for joy at the thought of this, let’s at least make sure you’re doing your due diligence and gaining all the benefits you can from tax deductions that apply to you. With the help of Annie Fairchild at AFairchild PC, a CPA firm in the […]

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day


Why The U.S. Housing Market Will Remain Alive And Kicking in 2016

According to The largest positives for the housing sector remain the ongoing gains in employment (and income) and very low mortgage rates.  The unemployment rate is now below 5%, and thanks to decent wage gains and low energy prices, the consumer has more cash in the pocket and therefore can support mortgage payments, renovations, […]

How to Save for a House Downpayment

The Reality Times posted a great article how to save for a home downpayment in 2 years. In today’s market, you usually need up to 10 percent of a home’s purchase price for a down payment. This means a $250,000 home could require $25,000 down plus closing costs. If you saved $1,040 a month for […]

How many have great credit?

            People with great credit are sometimes described as the credit elite, but it may not be as difficult to join that group as you think. Roughly 20% of consumers with credit reports at at least one of the major credit reporting agencies fall into the top tier of credit […]

How Drones Are Transforming The Way You Shop For Real Estate!

          Times are changing case in point a recent article by Fast Company points to how the real estate market is forever changing. Your local real-estate agent might have a new trick up their sleeve very soon: Using drones for aerial photography of sprawling properties. The practice is increasingly commonplace in […]