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Using a Smart Device to Power a DIY Security System

Traditionally, protecting your home from intruders has come in the form of an expensive, professionally installed system. Although these can certainly be effective, the costs can be prohibitive. However, now you can simply set up an old internet-enabled device as a security system on your existing Wi-Fi network. All it takes is setting up a […]

Is Home Staging Worth Paying for When Selling?

Sell quickly and make more money. Those are two very important benefits that outweigh the initial investment of home staging, but those are not the only benefits when preparing a home for sale. Let’s take a deeper look into why so many sellers and real estate agents are turning to home staging before putting a […]

Staging Tips to Up Your Listing’s Appeal

The house has been cleaned from corner to corner, but now it may just need a few more finishing touches. Here are a few less-obvious, inexpensive ideas for staging your listing: 1. Repaint the walls. Of course painting isn’t anything new when it comes to staging, but focusing on repainting to match the wall and drapery […]

3 Megatrends Shaping The Future Of Global Real Estate

When markets are volatile, the future can feel uncertain. But commercial real estate investors would be wise to look beyond today’s economic cycle at long-term trends that are fundamentally changing global markets and creating new opportunities around the world. Here are three key megatrends to watch: Share

Student Debt vs. Mortgage Debt: What Makes Them So Different?

Americans owe $1.3 trillion in outstanding student loans. That’s the second largest consumer debt, surpassed only by mortgages. A college education can cost as much as or more than a mortgage. But the stakes are higher if you run into trouble paying your student loans. Here’s why student debt is harder to manage than a […]