Ellen DeGeneres Is Really Into Home Design—Here Are Her Top Tips













Realtor.com recently interviewed Ellen DeGeneres.Who knew? Ellen DeGeneres isn’t just an affable talk-show host and beloved comedian. She’s also an extremely prolific home designer and house flipper, as shown in her new book, “Home.”

“I wanted to be an interior designer when I was 13,” DeGeneres admits in her book—which explains why, over the past 25 years, she has bought and renovated nearly a dozen homes. Each home was an adventure and an education, she recalls. Below, from her book, are a few lessons she’s learned, as well as gorgeous photos of her interiors that illustrate her points.

Neutral colors make the best palette

“I like neutral colors with stronger colors in art, pillows, or a nice throw. Big color statements on walls or furniture can be fun, but limit the possibility of changes.”

Get a chalkboard in your kitchen

“Chalkboards make a great, fun statement in a home. You can draw on them or use them practically to make lists or write notes. You can write something like, ‘Remember to put away your shoes,’ just as a random, not-specific-to-my-life example.”

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