Fall Back Into Good Financial Behavior

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Start over

Every year at back-to-school time, there are ads for notebooks, fancy pens and backpacks. Even if you don’t have children, the fall season brings to mind stacks of blank paper, waiting for you to write your story….or re-write it! Are you financially off-track and your money goals are nowhere in sight? Start with a clean slate and get back to basics. Create fresh goals. Redo your monthly budget. Commit anew.

Become a night owl

We turn our clocks back on November 1. Use that hour to reflect on your day, unwind and set action items for tomorrow that will keep you on the right financial path.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for spring

If you live in a cold climate, now is the time you are pulling winter gear out of storage. Purge ill-fitting or never-worn garments and gear and have a fall yard sale. You’ll clear space in your life and earn a bit of money you can put towards your saving goals.

Give your bills a checkup

Scrutinize your bills. Are you paying the right amount for utilities, cable or broadband, phone, and other recurring monthly expenses? Are there any hidden fees? This is a good time to get organized, adjust your data plan or cut some channels out of your satellite TV package to save a few more bucks.

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