A Look Behind The Curtain: How To Choose A Mortgage Lender

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Forbes article on how to choose the right lender. Step (1) work with Millennium Mortgage.   Author shares some more secrets: Here is where I share an industry secret, are you ready?  Mortgage people are salespeople.  First and foremost, the primary goal of a mortgage originator/loan officer is to convince you to apply for your mortgage with them.  Financial acumen is helpful but not required; the best salespeople are the biggest producers in the mortgage industry.  Consumers looking for the most skilled financial mortgage expert often choose the best salesperson; expertise and wherewithal vary along a greatly disparate continuum.Start by asking someone close in your universe that has recently gotten a mortgage, see if they can recommend their lender.  Ask a financial adviser, an accountant, your attorney or your realtor to help you with a short list of lender referrals.  These people deal with mortgage lenders regularly and can help you filter that continuum with the greatly disparate expertise and wherewithal and add real confidence to your decision.