Luxury Brokers Are Bringing Drones Indoors

According to Realtor Mag:

Drones may be mostly grounded in capturing real estate from the skies, but some luxury brokers are experimenting with using unmanned aerial vehicles inside to capture dramatic aspects of their listings’ interiors.

“If you’ve got the space, using drones inside can be magical,” real estate pro Bret Parsons told The Los Angeles Times. “One client said that they never realized how beautiful their home was until it was shot by a drone. And now they joke that they don’t want to sell it.”

Still, drones require some pilot skills to fly inside. You don’t want to crash into the owners’ belongings or artwork while capturing photos or videos.

GPS-enabled drones inside can be tricky and can “fly all over the place, hit walls, damage stuff,” cautions drone operator Adrian Zaw, who works with real estate professionals. However, new models of drones have avoidance sensors and brakes can kick in if the drones fly too close to objects.

Some drones could blow a pillow off a couch when flying nearby so flower vases and photo frames, for example, need to be removed, says Kanin Howell, founder of Drone 55 in Los Angeles.

But larger homes with grand ceilings can offer a more safe flying zone for flying drones inside. The drones can hover near ceilings and fly past chandeliers and swoop from room to room to show aerial indoor shots, The Los Angeles reports.

Source: “Drones Take on the Great Indoors,” Los Angeles Times (June 10, 2016)