What Makes a Great Loan Officer?

Before working with any mortgage company you should of course verify licensing and NMLS registration. But once you’ve gotten the technical qualifications covered, what else should you be looking for to find the best mortgage professionals?

  • Focus – Answering questions and concerns, dealing with the task at hand. Goal-oriented. Unwavering resolve.
  • Expertise – Overall experience. Thirst to learn and understand changes in the mortgage industry. Constantly pursuing knowledge. Desire to become a better practitioner of their profession.
  • Communication – Can communicate effectively and convey specific meaning and understanding to achieve desired results. Listens.
  • Integrity – Always being upfront, truthful, and honest. The worst thing a long officer can do is mislead a customer, which will likely result in embarrassment and loss of monies.
  • Work Ethic – Being responsive, timely, committed, driven, and result-oriented.
  • Courage – Passion to help, solve problems, and willingness to seek alternative options. Persistent, patient, and compassionate.
  • Attitude – Having a positive, enthusiastic, and optimistic outlook but communicating a realistic outcome. Confidence in their abilities to achieve positive results.
  • Passion – Willingness to go above and beyond expectations. Dedicated to achieving the best outcome for their borrowers.
  • Self-Control – When problems occur during the home buying process and the buyer or other parties to the transaction become emotional it is important that the loan officer maintain their composure and defuse the situation.
  • Reputation – Pride in one’s work and career.