Domestic Borrowers

Please note ALL applicable items on the list below will eventually be needed.

In order to begin the approval process please send as soon as possible, in addition to
the completed loan application and credit card authorization:

  • Last 2 years 1040’s including all schedules.
  • Current paystubs covering the most recent thirty day period or year to date profit & loss statement, if self-employed.

These items will be required prior to submitting your loan for approval:

  • Last 2 years W’2’s
  • 2 months current complete statements for any liquid asset accounts including but not limited to checking, savings, brokerage and retirement accounts (all pages).
  • 1065’s, 1120’s or 1120S’s on any business with > 25% ownership interest OR K1’s on any business with < 25% ownership for the last 2 years as applicable.
  • Year to Date Profit & Loss (P&L’s) for any/all businesses owned with > 25% ownership interest.
  • Mortgage statements for any mortgages secured by property listed on schedule of real estate.
  • Copies of tax and insurance bills if you have mortgages that do not include an impound account
  • Copies of HOA bills if applicable.
  • Copies of legible current photo ID’s for all borrowers.


Click Here to Download the Credit Card Authorization, complete and fax back to Millenium Mortgage at 760-776-5099