Real estate tops poll for best long-term investment












America’s love affair with real estate is reheating.

A poll of 1,000 U.S. adults this month by found real estate as the top place for long-term investment dollars. Real estate drew 27 percent of those polled in this monthly survey designed to get a pulse of consumer attitudes about a slew of financial topics.

This was the first time that real estate came out on top in three years. Real estate was most popular in the West, with 35 percent of those polled in the region choosing property as the best bet.

The second-most popular choice was low-risk cash – even with today’s low-low rates – at 23 percent. The stock market got 17 percent. Gold and precious metals, choices for those who see bad times ahead, got 14 percent.

The poll found that 8 percent of those surveyed liked investments not listed in the survey.

“Don’t know” was the answer of 7 percent of those polled.