Six Steps That Help Prepare Your Home For The Winter

Snow on Driveway leading to home
Your home needs a bit of attention to properly withstand the effects of cold weather through the fall and winter months. By performing the following maintenance tasks, you’ll protect your home from damage and enjoy improved energy efficiency from your heating system. Here’s a checklist of items to get you start…ed.

Step 1: Clean The Gutters

Throughout the year, gutters quickly fill up with tree debris, like leaves, needles and moss. If the debris blocks water flow and the full gutters freeze over, they could come falling down, taking the roof trim with it. To prevent this issue, grab some gloves and clear out the gutters from end to end.

Step 2: Inspect The Roof

While you’re cleaning out the gutters, take the time to inspect the roof for damaged or missing shingles. In addition, look at the flashing to make sure it covers all of the gaps between the chimney and roof sections.

Step 3: Caulk The Windows

The caulk around your windows prevents drafts, water and insects from entering your home. You usually need to renew the layer of caulk before the cold season arrives, depending on your home design. Visually inspect the caulk to see if you need to apply a new layer.

Step 4: Clean The Chimney

You must remove soot accumulation in your chimney to safely heat your home with firewood. Soot buildup can catch fire or direct smoke into your house, resulting in excessive damage throughout your home.

Step 5: Clear The Vents

Go room to room checking all of the heater vents for obstructions. Move papers, clothing and furniture at least a foot away from the vent to improve heat flow throughout the house.

Step 6: Test The Furnace

Run your furnace for at least an hour with the windows open to blow dust and debris out of the vents. Test all of the vents to make sure the air flows into the room with the expected amount of force.