Stages we go thru when buying a home.







Stage 1: You can’t seem to find what you want

You have your heart set on a sprawling front porch, while your partner won’t even attend an open house without the promise of a finished basement, leaving your home search dead in the water. What are prospective home buyers to do?

“Work together with your partner or spouse to develop a list of ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ in your home search,” explains Wendy Flynn, a Realtor® with Keller Williams in College Station, TX. “Put it down on paper to commit to it. Expect that list to evolve as you view different homes. When there is a disagreement between partners/spouses, refer to the list of objectives that everyone agreed to in advance.”

Stage 2: At long last, you find your dream house

Finally! You can’t believe your luck. This home checks off nearly all the boxes on your list. You’ve measured, and your sectional will fit perfectly in the living room. You know exactly where you’ll hang the flat-screen. Bust out your welcome mat, you’re ready to move in!

Stage 3: You can’t stop talking about your dream house

You’ve spent the past four hours scrolling through the photos you took of this magnificent dwelling. In fact, you’ve shared them with everyone from your great-aunt Dolores to your dog groomer. Everyone’s psyched for you. You’ve already invited 75 of your nearest and dearest to the housewarming party you can’t wait to host. You realize you haven’t had the home inspection yet or gotten approved for a mortgage yet, but you’re just so gosh-darn excited!

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