States With The Highest Property Taxes


At 2.67%, Illinois has the highest median property tax rate in the U.S., according to a report by CoreLogic.

On the other hand, Hawaii has the lowest median property tax rate in the nation at 0.31%, according to the report. The national median is 1.31%.

Property taxes vary state to state, and include the total taxes paid to several different agencies, which can include the county, village and school districts. Due to these variances, estimating a property tax can be challenging at times.

After Illinois, New York has the second highest median property tax rate at 2.53%, followed by New Hampshire with 2.4%, New Jersey with 2.37% and Texas with 2.17%.

After Hawaii, South Dakota has the second lowest median property tax rate at 0.38%, followed by Alabama with 0.54%, Wyoming with 0.65% and Colorado with 0.66%.

In the U.S., 16 states have a median property tax rate of less than 1%, as opposed to 28 states between 1% and 2% or 7 states with more than 1%.

Whereas most higher median property tax rates are seen more along the northeast where there are multiple levels of tax collection, Texas is the exception with its 2.17% tax rates. In the areas where property tax is only collected at the county level, tax rates tend to be lower. To learn more go to: