Student Debt and Millennial Homeowners—Maybe They Can Live Together After All

Is student debt hurting the housing market? Conventional wisdom and its pundits say yes. But the answer might not be that clear cut. A new analysis suggests that a college education does more to help than hurt homeownership, even it it means taking on debt.

The biggest gap in homeownership isn’t between grads with and without student loans, it’s between the education haves and have nots, according to economist Susan Dynarski, a University of Michigan professor and a fellow at the nonprofit Brookings Institution.

Homeowners with student debt buy their first house a little later in life, but by the time they reach 35, they’ve caught up with their peers who are loan-free, Dynarski found. But there’s a big, persistent difference in the homeownership rate of those with a college education and those without. To learn more go to: