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How Long Does My Preapproval Letter Last?

Does your preapproval letter expire? What happens if you don’t find a home in a few months? Preapproval letters should include two dates: when the letter was prepared and when the preapproval expires. It should just take providing a couple documents to your loan officer so they can quickly look over your application and provide […]

Loan Commitment Letter

It’s never too early to start! The better prepared you are as a buyer, the better your chances of obtaining that home of your dreams! There are actually three levels of qualifications that a potential home buyer may have after contacting a lender. Please keep in mind that not all lenders may have the same […]

Suggestions To Fix Your Credit Report Problems

Last time we talked about a few situations that could cause problems for you on your credit report Today we will suggest some solutions to these potential problems Credit report inquiries can be addressed easily with a letter explaining each inquiry and whether or not new credit was obtained. If no new credit was obtained […]